Safari Adventure Golf Club is a special kind of club.
If you know your wildebeest from your giraffe, you are in. No worries if you don’t - you are also very welcome!

At Safari Adventure Golf Club, membership is open to everyone. If you are are aged between 4 and 12, you automatically qualify as a Gold Member. Membership at Safari Adventure Club has many benefits. Our expert coaches will guide you through the maze, hole-by-hole, and get you going in no time.

Our membership packages include weekday and weekend deals for families, couples, school clubs. Specially-designed packages can also be arranged. All you need to do is call!

Join the club. Enjoy a jungle round of golf at Safari Adventure Golf – one day soon!

Our coaches


Alec is a qualified PGA Professional with over 20 years experience in the trade.


Ian is a qualified PGA Professional and has been coaching for nearly 20 years.


Joe has been teaching golf for over 30 years and has been at Hersham Golf Club since 1998.


Professional golf instructor…