Experience 18 adventure holes of fun-packed facts and stories!

Meet and learn about exciting animals on your journey through the safari.

Enjoy a round or two of crazy, lazy golf! Finish off with a great safari lunch and a cool drink.

Don’t forget to get your SafariPass before you tee-off!

Start your safari here: just roll over these 18 boxes to get a taster of what is to come. Some facts will shock you!


Hole 1

Tee-off at Hole 1!
Can you make all 18?
Can you swing past a cunning monkey, go quietly past a hungry lion, slide past a curly snake, and make it safely to the end? Only time will tell! Tread carefully, and enjoy the safari!

Hole 2

How far away can a lion’s roar be heard? One mile? 400 metres? Five miles? Five miles. Yes, five miles. No wonder the lion is the ‘king of the jungle’. When a lion is not having a 20-hour nap, it may be found sprinting at 50mph, and sometimes leaping as high as 36 feet. Amazing stuff!!!

Hole 3

Unbelievable - but true!
Around 60 million years ago, giant turtles, the size of small cars, roamed this earth!


Hole 4

Have you heard about maleo birds? They must love volcanoes! They use the heat from these fiery furnaces to help hatch their eggs!


Hole 5

How many litres of water can a pelican hold in its beak?

An amazing 11 litres!

Hole 6

Cheetahs are fast. In fact, at a top speed of 64mph, they are the fastest land mammals on planet Earth.

Hole 7

Question: How do you eat with your head upside down?
Answer: Become a flamingo!
A flamingo can eat only when its head is upside down!


Hole 8

Elephants and humans have one thing in common!
Baby elephants suck their trunks - just as some human babies suck their thumbs!

Hole 9

Can you guess what an Elephas Maximus is?
Is it:
a. a giant turtle, or;
b. an Asian elephant?

Hole 10

Scientists believe camels originally came from North America some 45 million years ago!

Gosh! That’s some mighty long walk to the Middle East!!

Hole 11

How many different types of birds would you find at Hersham Golf Course?

Find out at Hole 11!

Hole 12

Did you know that a lioness needs about 5 kilos of meat a day?

How many burgers would that make?!!

Hole 13

Mega volcano facts:
Krakatuo in South East Asia released 200 megatons of energy in 1883, equivalent to 15,000 nuclear bombs!

Truly mega!

Hole 14

Amazing Amazon Fact 1:
40,000 plant species live in this incredible forest!


Hole 15

Amazing Amazon Fact 2:
1,300 different kinds of birds fly around the great Amazon forest!


Hole 16

Amazing Amazon Fact 3:
3,000 types of fish swim the Amazon river everyday! 3,000?

Yes. 3,000!

Hole 17

Amazing Amazon Fact 4:
430 mammals live side-by-side in the Amazon!
That’s a lot of different types of mammals!

How many can you name?

Hole 18

Amazing Amazon Fact 5:
2.5 million different insects live in this endangered and beautiful forest!

Now, that's amazing!

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